Touch screen was initially developed for military use in U.S. but its convenience and using field have consistently increased.
Especially, recently, it is used as essential element for mobile phone and mobile products and also, it is supplied as various usages such as POS, industrial sites, medical equipments, KIOSK, private mobile terminal, office automatic equipment, etc.
Device to detect panel touch operation
Device to detect panel touch operation
It is the software to control controller, which is optimized for each operation system
How to operate
Touch panel of resistant film method basically consists of transparent 2-layer having conductivity.
Structurally, there is glass, film, or plastic coated by conductive material below the 2-layer, which consist of Film or glass coated with conductive material over it. The 2-layer keep a fixed distance by printed spacer dots, which is electrically insulated.
As its principle, voltage is applied to conductive material coated 2-layer and when human hand or touch pen contacts with top plate, X(top plate) and Y(bottom plate) position is calculated by controller according to touched position, which is displayed on monitor or recorded as data.